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Our AI increases efficiencies, reduce stress, improve revenue, and lower costs.

The best and most effective AI solutions are meant to work with staff to get tasks completed more efficiently and accurately freeing staff time for more profitable tasks.

While we have a great story, our clients have even better ones to tell.

As a TPA we are always looking for ways to achieve our twin goals of improving claims turnaround time and reducing costs to adjudicate claims. Before beginning work with Anthro Innovations our standard turnaround time on claims was measured in days, now it takes minutes – leading to greater customer satisfaction as measured by our regular customer satisfaction feedback. Equally important, we have reduced costs with the AI platform taking over all but the most ambiguous claims rather than our team touching every claim. Anthro Innovations was a pleasure to work with as their implementation group was highly responsive when half way through the implementation we increased the scope of the problem – their team was able to maintain deadlines and quality without big cost overruns. We are already working on expanding the application to other policy types and have confidence the results will be equally rewarding

I am so pleased we took a chance on Anthro Innovation’s fee schedule. We used to have a full staff dedicated to keeping track of the fee schedules for each clinic and every procedure and office visit for each doctor. It was a nightmare. Since we installed AI Fee Scheduler we are able to easily look up expected payments freeing our staff to work on other more profitable tasks. In addition, with the low pay module we have increased our payments 15% and our staff is happier. I strongly recommend AI Fee Scheduler.

We have a staff of 200 billers with half of them devoted full-time to following up rejected healthcare claims. Often the cost of adjudicating a claim is more than the value of the claim, and the claim often ends in no payment due to delays in filing. Six months ago, we implemented Anthro Innovation’s Rules Engine on top of our billing system. Our revenue not only improved 12% but our claims adjudication cycle improved significantly with faster payment. We were able to free up 75 billers to pursue other revenue enhancing opportunities. Anthro Innovation’s Rules Engine is the first product I have ever endorsed. It’s ability to keep billing rules up to date and seamlessly integrate with our system is remarkable.