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Our AI increases efficiencies, reduce stress, improve revenue, and lower costs.

The best and most effective AI solutions are meant to work with staff to get tasks completed more efficiently and accurately freeing staff time for more profitable tasks.


Led by doctors, computer specialists, and medical reimbursement professionals, our standout team works together towards one goal… Developing cutting edge technology that moves the business of medicine forward. Anthro Innovations is a software solutions provider developing and applying state of the art cognitive AI, natural language processing and machine learning techniques to improve claims processing in general with a flair for medical claims processing. The predecessor of Anthro Innovations is a full-service Healthcare Reimbursement company, headquartered in Chicagoland which has been successfully performing consultations, complete back office, and on-line operations for healthcare providers for over 40 years. As one of the first computerized billing companies we have built a storehouse of knowledge on the idiosyncrasies of medical billing.

We are a technologically sophisticated, HIPAA compliant center of excellence, continuing to concentrate on unique technology that permits us to offer superior service and good value for money


Carrie Brenner, M.S., M.D., FACS – CEO

Carrie is continuing the vision of revolutionizing insurance claims processing through AI. Her background, including years as a practicing physician and Master of Science degree, make her uniquely qualified to understand the vagaries of insurance billing from both the insurance company and the provider side. She successfully ran a multi-state ophthalmology practice for many years until she decided to devote herself full time to bringing B.R.U.C.E. to the world.

B.R.U.C.E. Masterson – COO
As a serial entrepreneur, Bruce (no relation to B.R.U.C.E.) brings years of business experience in the care and management of software companies. His background includes working with international banks and insurance companies as a Chicago Booth MBA. He successfully ran a SaaS software company and built a tech-enabled home healthcare company after spending many years as a senior executive with the Reuters Group running business units in North American and Europe.
Scott VanderVoorde – CTO

Scott brings over 20 years’ experience in application and development specializing in artificial Intelligence. He specializes in enablement of business systems and big data platforms.

Leticia Dudek – Managing Director Medical Billing

Leticia is a certified coding specialist and brings 20+ years of experience in medical billing. She manages our medical billing staff. She is a strong team leader and finds creative solutions for provider and insurers billing issues. She is experienced in credentialing and working with payors/insurance companies for complete revenue cycle management.

B.R.U.C.E. Golden, M.D. – Founder
Our late founder, B.R.U.C.E. Golden dedicated his life to research and helping people. He was a professor of experimental ophthalmology and then started one of the first computerized medical billing companies. His vision was to develop technology that could understand the written word in the same manner as a human. His plan for this AI engine, which we call, B.R.U.C.E. (Better Results Using Cognitive Engines), was to augment human resources and make businesses more efficient and people’s lives better.