The pain of losing has a familiar look to it.

"Followup rules, reason codes, contact procedures are opaque, constantly changing and the same insurer can have different definitions of what's acceptable. My systems and staff don't have the resources and capability to scour payer web sites and notifications to keep up. My rejection/denial rate has grown over 20% in the last 18 months. My average time to follow up a rejection/denial has grown to 2.5 hours. My Days to Collect is up 33% and my Yield is dropping. Throwing people at the problem has had few results and made claims uneconomical to collect." - Managing director of Midwest Medical Billing Service

In fact, the situation is even worse. Payers are constantly upgrading their technological support to identify weak spots and increase their advantage. They spend millions of dollars every year to improve their position and force you to take less than your rightful share of the pot.