Level Your Playing Field & Collect More of What's Yours

RevRecover™, Anthro Innovations' Automated Rejection/Denial Resolution Platform, sits on top of your current systems and practices. It's the "Smartphone" of revenue recovery. RevRecover is not a billing or practice management system. It adjudicates rejections and denials. Through its combination of site-mining, self-learning, artificial intelligence, and analytics dashboard, it hides the complexity of rejection/denial resolution just like a smartphone hides all the complexity of the various technologies it integrates. RevRecover responds to virtually any payer response - automatically. Like a smartphone it makes your life easier and more productive. It takes the rejection/denials from your current systems and without human intervention adjudicates over 90% of them.

RevRecover has been designed from the ground up to be compatible with all EHR Practice Management Systems and Billing Systems, its unique platform uses industry-wide EDI/HL7 standards to automatically collect and re-submit claims.