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Here's the proof!
"We have a staff of 200 billers with half of them devoted full-time to following-up rejected healthcare claims. Often the cost of adjudicating a claim is more than the value of the claim, and the claim often ends in no payment. Six months ago we implemented RevRecover on top of our billing system, we improved our revenue yield by 12% and freed 90 billers to pursue other revenue enhancement opportunities. RevRecover is the first product I have ever endorsed. It's remarkable."
CEO, Midwestern Full-Service Healthcare Billing Company

"With multiple comprehensive and specialist ophthalmologists in several offices and surgical centers, we obviously file a large number of insurance claims.
When first presented with an automated way to fix and refile rejected/denied claims, of course we were skeptical. Nevertheless, the amount of money lost to these rejections and the cost of attempting to figure out the issues, then to resolve, and refiling them was just too high.
Two months after having RevRecover by Anthro Innovations overlay on our EHR and practice management system, we were astounded at our increase in collections. We made no changes to anything that we were doing in our practice and the overlay was absolutely transparent to us.
Using artificial intelligence for profit instead of continually running into brick walls (payers) makes perfect sense. Our practice fully endorses RevRecover to our colleagues. You will likely be as pleasantly surprised as are we."

Revenue Cycle Administrator, multi-State Ophthalmology practice.