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Our AI increases efficiencies, reduce stress, improve revenue, and lower costs.

The best and most effective AI solutions are meant to work with staff to get tasks completed more efficiently and accurately freeing staff time for more profitable tasks.


B.R.U.C.E intelligently reads the claims, policies, and supporting documents; keeps track of 1000’s of variables; determines correct payout based on rules and history; gives you analytics; and puts it all at your fingertips in seconds.

The Problem
Too many policies with different rules
Supporting documents are difficult to analyze
Adjudication is labor intensive
Processing time takes too long
The Solution
Automatically reads policies and extracts rules
Automatically extracts relevant information
Decreases need for human intervention
Claim adjudication in minutes

“We reduced our staff by 40% and cut our adjudication time in half.”
– International TPA


B.R.U.C.E. intelligently reads the fee schedules, notifies you of changes, recommends codes based on payment history, and puts it all at your fingertips. It analyzes your claims to confirm you are getting maximum allowable payment and makes changes when necessary.

The Problem
Too many fee schedules
Too many low payments and denials
Staff and doctor frustration
High administrative costs
The Solution
Keeps track of all fee schedules
Identifies billing codes for optimal payment
Automatically identifies & corrects underpayments
Easy to use intelligent dashboard

“AI Correct Pay Fee Scheduler reduced our staff costs related to determining correct codes by 80%.”
– Private Ophthalmology Practice

“AI Correct Pay Fee Scheduler
increased our revenue by helping
to avoid denials.”
-Multi-state medical group


B.R.U.C.E. reads the insurance company websites relevant to your practice and automatically updates the system. AI Claims Manager uses these updates to maintain a fully functional up to the date rules engine ensuring claims are correct for maximal allowable payment and shorten the revenue cycle.
The Problem
Constantly changing insurance rules
Many low payments and denials
Too many rejections
High administrative costs
The Solution
Automatic rules updates
Low pay module ensures highest legal payment
Improves first pass acceptance – fewer rejections
Lowers administrative costs
“With AI Claims Manager we consistently achieve over 92% adjudication on the first pass.” – Midwest Billing Company A small billing company recovered $216,960 of previously rejected claims – with minimal human intervention. “We have experienced a major reduction in staff time devoted to self-monitoring the constant changes in insurance company requirements” – Private Pediatric Practice
B.R.U.C.E., our patented, self-learning, NLP, cognitive A.I. software finds, understands, and prioritizes information, enabling you to have all relevant information at your fingertips. This technology, along with our 45 years of experience in computerized medical billing and 30 years as physicians provides the foundation for all of our products.