We are a group of doctors and revenue cycle specialists, who, like you, are tired of having what we earn trapped by the payers' rigged system of opaque, constantlychanging rules and procedures coughed up by their advanced programs and high tech capability. Our first thought was to level the playing field. So we joined together with a team of computer and analytics experts to develop a self-learning, true artificial intelligence system that automatically manages medical claims. Not only have we experienced, and can prove, a dramatic increase in payments - but as a bonus, an incredible 90+% reduction in the time/cost of labor. Now, you can too!

Meet the other players

Bruce Golden, M.D.

Bruce has dedicated his life to research and helping people. He is a former professor of experimental ophthalmology and started one of the first computerized medical billing companies. He had the vision to develop an engine that could understand the written word in the same manner as a human. His plan for this AI engine, which we call, BRUCE (Better Results Using Cognitive Engines), is to use it to augment human resources and make business more efficient and people’s lives better.

Carrie Brenner, M.D.

Carrie is a graduate of University of Chicago. With a Master of Science and a Medical degree she has considerable experience in education, research, and business. She successfully ran a multi-state ophthalmology practice for many years until she decided to devote herself full time to bringing BRUCE to the world. In her spare time, she enjoys travel, reading, and cooking.

Bruce Masterson
Chief Operations Officer

Bruce has a MBA from University of Chicago. He has 40 years of senior executive experience in multinationals and startups. He brings extensive experience in medical and professional information services.

Leticia Dudek
Managing Director Medical Billing

Leticia is a certified coding specialist and brings 20+ years of experience in medical billing. She manages our medical billing staff. She is a strong team leader and finds creative solutions for provider and insurers billing issues. She is experienced in credentialing and working with payors/insurance companies for complete revenue cycle management.

John Khamis
Chief Technology Officer

John is one of the chief architectures of BRUCE. He has extensive experience in AI.

Rami Ikhreishi
Managing Director, Technical Team

Rami is a graduate of NC State University Engineering Entrepreneurs Program and has been a team leader writing Marca’s AI engine, BRUCE.